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i have done many a clutch jobs in the past and i just acquired this kfx 450 last week and had to replace the clutch release seal and while doing it i noticed a clutch plate was broken .... so i replaced the clutch and seal and started the bike up and it was reving higher then it should of , i moved the throttle cable with my hand and it started revving even higher and wouldnt come down cant get it to idle normal or come out of half throttle, i shut it off by key so i didnt blow it up and then its flooded and i have to wait to start it again but does the same thing ...... anyone have any ideas never had a fuel injected quad before id usually go through carb .... but i dont know what to do with this one bike has spark and fuel comin out of pump fine and throttle cable doesnt seem to be stuck i didnt touch it while i was doing clutch

thanks in advance, trying to go riding this morning cant figure this out
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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