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Sup guys!

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Wow! It took me like 10 tries to finally register here. Anyway not too much going on here but hopefully it'll get better. I own a KFX 700 and I just bought my 11 year old son a kfx450r and I gotta tell you this thing is so much fun to ride that got me thinking about trading my pig, I do love my couch + it hauls ass.

About the bike. On the 1st ride 2 screws from the heelguards came out and also the wooterty ones from the tail light. I had to loctite them no big deal. The starting thing is not that bad and it seems to be getting better, especially when compare to my buddies 450's (honda & yamaha). I did try the 27 clicks thing and it wouldn't even start though. Mods so far are a free 15T (buddy's yfz), no lid, PCIII no baffle and runs very strong, can't wait to race it at Busco Beach (600') w/ 22"s. I did race a stock renegade when I only had the baffle out and did pretty good.
Here are a few pics the race video.

450r vs 800
715 vs 800 hopefully the 450r will be as fast as it's big brother one day.
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Welcome! Nice rides!

Looks like a fun place to ride.
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