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Suspension Feedback

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Hi guys, I'm Dave from www.jdperformanceatv.com . I am looking for any and all feedback you may have about your KFX's suspension. We are currently proto typing control arms, and the more info I can get on your likes and dislikes will better help us design the best possible product for you.
You can PM me with any input you may have, or you can call me personally @ 951-676-7957.

Thanks Guys
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Does anyone think the tires break lose too easily?
QUOTE (Mike99KFX @ May 12 2007, 06:19 AM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=1831
I'm amazed at the garbage suspension ALL manufacturers put on their quads. At 8 grand a pop, you would think we would get better than a hundred dollar shock.
c'mon now, the suspension on all of the new quads are very high quality, especially for factory. You have to remember that the manufacturer is building the vehicle to work for a very large consumer base. They are trying to please the mx,x/c , desert, trail, dune, and the weekend warrior guys all in one bike. If they built it for just one of those guys only, all of the other guys would be bitching, cause it sucks for them.
If you ask me, all of the major manufacturers are doing a pretty good job at building a quad to work for the masses.
As for the 8k price you are not happy with, consider a quality pair of aftermarket shocks to run about $1,300 for a pair of fronts alone. Thats a little over 1/8th the cost of the bike. The bike has front and rear shocks,a,linkage,bearings,motor,frame,sub frame, fuel injection system,computer,swingarm,wirering harness,4 wheels and tires, brakes,radiator,plastics,axle,fueltank,seat,cables,stem,exaust, and tons more.
So if you look at the big picture, in this day and age, you are getting alot for your money. Just my 2 cents
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QUOTE (kfxskitt @ Jun 1 2007, 05:57 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=2202
i ride xc and im only 140 lbs and i have my front shocks as soft as they go and they are still to stiff for me. i need to find somewhere to get them rebuilt.
Give me a call, I can get you set up with A front and rear conversion for about $750.
JD Performanceatv.com 951-676-7957. Ask for Dave
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