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2008 Kawasaki KFX450R. Used, in excellent shape. Always stored in a garage. Never been crashed, rolled, raced, or beat on. Mainly ridden in a local sand pit. Always maintained with Kawachem products. Air filter was regularly cleaned. Oil was changed after the first 10 hours of use as recommended by the service manual and has since been changed two other times using Kawachem 20w-50 engine oil and OEM Kawasaki oil filters. The bike was always cleaned after each ride. The plastics are in excellent shape with only scratches on the rear add-on fenders. The front fender add-ons, although not pictured, are included and are in near mint shape. The graphics & seat cover are near perfect and have not begun to peal anywhere on the bike. Mechanically the bike is bone stock aside from a Sunstar 15 tooth front sprocket which was added to make the gears a bit longer. No engine, exhaust or intake mods were ever performed. As of right now the bike is not being ridden. The pictures are the most recent I have and the bike has not been ridden since the pics were taken.

Mod list:

- Gloss black Rath nerfs w/ heel guards
- Gloss black Rath bumper
- Gloss black Rath grab bar
- Klaw MXR's front & rear
- Fasstco antivibe bar inserts
- Sunstar 15T front sprocket

I have never had one single issue with this bike since I bought it back in August, 2007. The frame is in great shape. No cracks, stress marks or anything like that. Starts right up every time. Idles & runs fine. Throttle response is crisp and instant. Brakes are in excellent shape. No bent or warped rotors. Lights works fine. Headlights are not pictured on the bike but they are included. My asking price is $5500obo. At the moment I am only looking to sell outright…no trades. This may change in the future. Might be interested in trading for a sled plus cash, but for now just looking to make a sale. If you have any questions at all about the bike. please PM me or email me at [email protected] Thanks!

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