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Just wanted everyone to know how great of a job Trinity Racing did. My brother took my kfx 450 out ridding last weekend and lost some parts to my exhaust because he is an idiot. Haha Anyways I had to call trinity to get some replacement parts and the service was top notch. They have made some slight differences in the way the exhaust looks and fits together since I purchased it a year ago but Trinity was still able to sell me replacement parts for my exhaust. They sold me exactly what I needed and nothing more without any hassle. Not to brag about Trinity Racing but I bought their power kit which comes with aluminum intake piece, K and N air filter, programmer, and full exhaust for about $900. It is a great deal for the amount of power you get. Additionally I got the baffle kit and it is great for ridding when you need to quite things down a bit. All you have to do is put the baffle in (about 5 min.) and turn down the amount of fuel on the programmer and you are ready to ride in a populated area for the track just pull the baffle out and push a few buttons on the programmer. It is by far the best kit for someone who wants the big three and is not a tuning expert because they send you instructions and tell you exactly where to set the programmer are you are ready to ride. The guy who got everything ordered for me was Joe and he is extremely helpful. I am not sure of his extension, but just ask for Joe when someone answers. Great experiences with Trinity Racing, great power, great price, you cannot beat them.
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That's great to hear... one of the problems with some online forums is that people are quick to post up when there are issues but they forgot to post the good experiences..
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