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This thing handles great... this much I know...

But the suspension is HARSH!
It wears me out.

I ride woods/XC... and I get a lot of kicking, and bucking, and twist at the bars.

Cornering it seems like I'm either railing... or blowing it totally pushing wide.

I don't want to say exactly that it's pushing.
I seem to be able to set the front end OK with my forward riding style.
But it does seem to blow out and push through the middle and on exit.
Especially if it's a rough or difficult corner.
In the heat of the moment I might be on the steering stops too... dunno...

Where it's the worst at is corners that cut uphill. I run through several that shoot uphill at or past the middle of the corner, and I shoot out on exit.

I weigh about 200 pounds...
My rear is untouched, still at stock adjustments.
My front is still at stock settings except I have the rebound and dampening set dead in the middle at 10 clicks.

I haven't had a helper available to set my preload/sag yet.
I'm thinking this might be some of it too.

What should I do for the time being for my weight?
About where should I be on clicks for XC woods terrain?

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the stock shocks are okay it just takes a little time getn them dialed in as for my rear i have it close still playn w/the compression/rebound settings to get it dialed its still a little bouncy for me!my fronts are almost perfect although the last ride i found myself bottoming out on a few jumps ill have to stiffn them up a little ill check all my settings and post them up!ultamitly i hope to upgrade the suspension sooon!i actually have a rear elka but it needs a rebuild!

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Well, I was organizing some stuff and found my mason rulers...(folding wood rulers).
So I decided to try to check some stuff myself.

Folding the ruler around to my advantage actually allowed me to check over my sag and ride height by myself.

What I did was tear apart 2 pizza boxes into 4 pieces. I laid these out, then rode around and drove onto them with the ruler, notepad and pen in my pocket.

The pizza boxes were manly for helping the front suspension allow itself to settle. It allows the front tires to slide in and out easily as tire scrub occurs when the front suspension is compressed and release. You can then bounce up and down on the quad and turn the bars back and forth to get it settled in perfect. This part was pretty easy for me since I "rode on" to start with.

I stayed on and took all my sag and ride height measurements before getting off.
Then I got off and collected my empty measurements.
Here is how they came out...

On the rear, I just measured the sag from the ground up to the whip flag mount on the rear grab bar.

It measured 30" high there with me on the pegs.
It measured 29" high there with me in the seated position.

The free sag measurement there was 32" high.
The empty fully extended measurement there was about 35" high.

So about 5-6" of rear sag, depending on how you want to look at it.

I think that is OK and plan to leave it alone.
But do feel free to let me know if I'm off-base here!


Ride height to the bottom of the frame at the pegs was 7.25" standing on the pegs.
It was only very slightly lower while in the seated position.

The above I do not quite understand since from seated to standing was an inch difference at the rear grab bar.


The frame rake... well there is the place where it is off and not in the direction I expected.

I measured this right at the point on the frame rail BEFORE it starts to angle up.
The rake is level with me in the seated position... measures 7.25"
Standing on the pegs it measures... 7"

That is OK too though, provided I don't mess with the rear.
I've been considering going to a 22" front tire anyways so I have 6 ply rated options.

If the "actual" height of my new tires is the same in the rear, and an inch taller in the front... that should put my frame rake up more towards where it needs to be.

To close here... if it even matters, the free-sag frame height was..
9.5" at the pegs and 9" at the front.

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On the front compression and rebound...

I turned the compression and rebound both all the way counter clockwise.
Then I turned them back clockwise 2 clicks.

I haven't tested it yet...
But that should put my compression real soft and my rebound real slow right?

I figured I'd tune my way stiffer and faster from soft and slow since I have no idea still about where I should be for 200 lbs and XC.

The rear compression and rebound I have not touched yet.
Stock is supposed to be...
Rebound = 7 clicks out
Low speed = 11 clicks out
High speed = 1.25 turns out

The seat spanks me in the rear a lot when I'm standing in an aggressive crouched position.
So I need to make some adjustment there too.

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QUOTE (jimmyjames1700 @ May 12 2009, 07:47 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=17109
Backing the rebound adjuster out lessens the amount of rebound dampening or speeds it up, however you want to look at it. You want your front rebound to be faster than the rear anyway. But, as a note, adjusting the rebound on the stock shocks seems to have as much, if not more, effect on the compression than it does the rebound. What I mean is, by slowing down the rebound you are also actually softening the cmpression a great deal in the first 1/3rd or so of the shocks travel. So you may have to compensate by stiffening up the compression a hair.

As far as the rake of the frame, you may want to try adding some front preload to get the nose up a bit more. It will stiffen the travel a bit but you can compensate with the clickers.

When I had stock shocks, I remember adding a turn or two to the front preload collars and backing out the comp 5 clicks and the turning the rebound in to clicks. In the back, I stiffened the low speed comp a click or two and backed the 17mm high speed compression nut out about a 1/16th of a turn. I also slowed the rear rebound by two clicks.
Thanks for the feedback dude...

I was messing with the front still, and was not getting feedback, so all I knew to do was go almost all the way in one direction and work my way back. I felt it was too harsh, so I turned all the front clickers full counterclockwise, then took them all back in just 2 clicks.

But then after taking all my sag measurements and frame rake, I realized that was likely a lot of my problem.
Too low in the front.

I opted to just step up to a 22" front tire to hopefully correct the rake and just leave the preload alone.
I decided to just hang it up until the tires arrived... AND THEY DID TODAY!

I got ITP Holeshot GNCC's... 22" front... 20" rear.

Now that they are here, I am really impressed with their form... but consider them a little heavy.
It might just be me, but they do not seem any thicker than the 4 ply Razr's I also got.
The rears are also looking like they might run a little shorter than specified.
Unmounted they are about 19"...

And I missed the fact they are a 10" tire... they are WAY narrower than any 11" I've used.
I was hoping for a little ballooned rim protection for my black rims, but I might like not gaining width... dunno.

I'm wondering if they will be 20" mounted... or if I should return them for 21" rears to get there?
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