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Real estate consultants play a crucial legal role in enabling real estate transactions. Up to this point, Dubai has registered 2,285 registered brokerage offices and 5,933 brokers overall who represent 163 different nationalities.

The ultra-modern skyscrapers and exciting nightlife of Dubai are a big appeal for real estate professionals. Similarly, the influx of businesses and foreign investors has led to a surge in the city's real estate market. Many people are now keen to pursue a career in Dubai real estate, as the profits are tax-free and uncapped.

However, apart from maintaining a well-groomed, presentable image and being highly ambitious, real estate agents need to cultivate a lot of attributes and follow procedures in order to present a professional image to clients and business partners.

Real estate needs to be handled by a professional. Real estate agents are usually professionals who have the right qualifications and skills, as well as the experience and resources needed to help you sell your home or buy another one. Real estate agents are also able to give you advice on what makes one neighborhood more desirable than another, which can help you determine which areas have good schools, transportation options, and other factors that may make it better than other neighborhoods.

Below, we take a look at some of the basic traits real estate agents in Dubai are expected to exhibit, in order to grow and succeed in this competitive market:

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Get RERA Certified

One of the most important attributes of a standard real estate agent is to be RERA certified, which means obtaining a proper business license to operate in the market in the UAE.


When you're looking for a real estate agent, integrity should be your most important consideration. What is integrity? It's the ability to do what is right, even when no one is watching. A good real estate agent will always keep their word and ensure that you, as a client are satisfied with the service they provide.

Integrity is the cornerstone of any successful business or relationship—and in this case, we're talking about both! If your property consultant does not have your best interests at heart, then they cannot provide you with an effective service.

To ensure transparency and eliminate doubt, real estate agents have a moral obligation to disclose to the client all details of the negotiations and the stages of the brokerage process. Never participate in illegal transactions. Agents are required to conduct business in a fair and honest manner and accept accountability for any fraud or errors that may occur.


Passion is the driving force behind a real estate agent's success. It is what makes them want to go the extra mile for their clients, and it's what motivates them to learn as much as they can about their business. Passion is contagious; when a potential client sees how passionate you are about helping people find their dream home, they'll be more inclined to proceed with your services instead of someone who isn't nearly as enthusiastic.


Real estate agents should make themselves available 24/7. If prospects are searching for properties before or after normal business hours, they need to find an agent who is willing to accommodate your schedule. Furthermore, real estate agents should also be able to respond via phone, email, and social media platforms as needed.

Communication Skills

A property consultant needs to understand the importance of listening to clients’ needs and explaining the process clearly. The ideal agent will also be able to ask the right questions and negotiate effectively.

Also, agents should have a thorough understanding of their local market area including comparable properties in surrounding areas, recent sales data for those properties, absorption rates for each property type in that area, and rental rates/availability for various types of properties. This knowledge is important when determining appropriate listing price points as well as making purchase offers that reflect current values within their community's market conditions.

Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is the lifeblood of real estate. It's not just about getting the best deal, but it's also about giving your clients a great experience and making sure they are well taken care of throughout their journey with you.

Real estate agents should ensure proper research before agreeing on any kind of deal or contract terms, especially when dealing with something as important as real estate transactions. Consider all aspects and facts, such as mortgage payments etcetera.

Good Networking

Connections will help agents generate more sales than they would otherwise, and they can also help you get into a better position when you're looking to buy or sell a property for clients in Dubai. It is important for agents to know how best to network effectively—whether it be through social media platforms or just by walking up and introducing yourself at events —so as not to waste time with something unproductive.

Social Media Savvy

Social is the easiest way to connect with your clients, promote listings, and brand yourself as a real estate agent.

The best thing about using social media is that it allows you to be more visible. People are always looking for new properties on the market, so if they find one they like and click on that link, they'll be directed straight to your profile page where they can learn more about what makes your agency different from others.

Empathy for Buyers and Sellers

Real estate agents must be able to empathize with both buyers and sellers. It is important to understand what each party wants, and how they want it done. If you can do that, then you're on your way toward creating a win-win situation for everyone involved. When clients are happy with your service, they will refer their friends or family members who are looking for real estate services in the future. Referrals are crucially important for a real estate agent.

Should Be Experienced

It is obvious that an experienced real estate agent can bring you a lot of value. Your investment will be more secure when you follow the advice of an experienced agent. The investment will be profitable from a practical perspective. An experienced real estate agent knows which areas have the best potential and which homes can give you the best returns in long term.
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