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what are you selling?

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what atv are you going to sell to buy one?
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my yfz might have to go. it just me so much time and money to get it to where it is right now its hard to start from scratch again.
My KFX 400...i put $100 down on the 1st one that gets to my dealer!
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I am selling whale blubber, $5/pound. PM me if interested.
I will (luckily) be in a good financial state when they come out!
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everything i own...
My wife 2 kids and a dog j/k
Nothing. It would need to perform like a built YFZ to make up for its ugly looks. BUT thats just my opinion on the looks of the KFX.
I want to see how well it performs in racing. So far I am liking what I am hearing. But that could be different than what it actually is.
My z400 might have to go but we will see when the time comes.
I've entered to win a Arctic Cat 500 and if I win my dad's Prarie will be sold for a down payment....if not the maybe the KFX400.
Sold my LT-R a month ago and currently riding a low hour '04 YFZ which I'm really liking a lot. Picked it up for a great deal and will probably ride it till the Kawi comes out. However, if the MSRP on the Kawi is too high, I'll build up the Yammie instead.
i dont have to sell anything, cuz im quadless at the moment haha
i would love to sell me kfx400 for it but i dont know if thats going to happin
im sellin my yfz450, its got over 4 grand in parts on it. Im really likin the way the kfx450 is soundin
I'll give my left two lug nuts to have one
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I've got a little cash settlement coming in and if thats not enough, ill sell my Warrior,but it WILL be mine, oh yes it will be mine
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