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who would like to see a cam shootout?

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Who would like to see a cam shootout?

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I am wanting to do a cam shootout for the KFX450. The problem is that i dont want to run all the cams 3 times .... once on the stock head, once on the ported head and once on the 507 when i have it done. So if i could get some help with this that would be cool.

I have these cams ......
Stock cams
Dirt bike cams
Web mild cams
Crower intake cam
Hot cams stage 3 cams

I need these cams.......
Web race gind
Hot cams stage 2 cams

Any help would be very appreciated ....... From a set of cams to borrow for testing or a $25.00 dontation. This would help me foot the dyno bill. This will put some of the rumors to rest. I think with the Dasa pipe, FUELATV intake, Power commander, Programmable ignition, FUELATV throttle body and the RIGHT set of cams this bike will flat out HAUL THE MAIL. To send a donation send the money to my paypal [email protected] make sure to note KFX450 cam shootout donation.
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Yes that is what we are going to do. The bike we will run the test on will have a Dasa 13" pipe, FUELATV intake and a power commander.
Well due to the lack of help here is what i will be testing ............

Bike will have
Stock head
Dasa pipe
FUELATV intake

We will dyno these combos

stock intake cam ...... with stock exhaust cam
Dirt bike intake cam ..... with stock exhaust cam
Crower intake cam ..... with stock exhaust cam
Dirt bike intake cam ...... with dirt bike exhaust cam
Crower intake cam ....... with dirt bike exhaust cam

Once i get my ported head and 507 stroker i will test some of the big cams.

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QUOTE (450Duner @ Feb 20 2008, 04:24 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=6721
any update on the cam shootout yet?
Im trying to get it finished. SOON I tell you SOON!

The runs have not turned out as planned and have taken much longer than expected. I can say that I would recommend the dirtbike cams as a set or the Crower intake cam with dirtbike exhaust.

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