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who would like to see a cam shootout?

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Who would like to see a cam shootout?

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I am wanting to do a cam shootout for the KFX450. The problem is that i dont want to run all the cams 3 times .... once on the stock head, once on the ported head and once on the 507 when i have it done. So if i could get some help with this that would be cool.

I have these cams ......
Stock cams
Dirt bike cams
Web mild cams
Crower intake cam
Hot cams stage 3 cams

I need these cams.......
Web race gind
Hot cams stage 2 cams

Any help would be very appreciated ....... From a set of cams to borrow for testing or a $25.00 dontation. This would help me foot the dyno bill. This will put some of the rumors to rest. I think with the Dasa pipe, FUELATV intake, Power commander, Programmable ignition, FUELATV throttle body and the RIGHT set of cams this bike will flat out HAUL THE MAIL. To send a donation send the money to my paypal [email protected] make sure to note KFX450 cam shootout donation.
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QUOTE (FUELATV @ Feb 21 2008, 08:36 AM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=6757
Im trying to get it finished. SOON I tell you SOON!

JW if you gat any HP numbers yet?
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