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Here is what I got for YFZ450 parts and banshee parts:
-1 right side stock banshee cylinder jug $30.99-sold
-2 stock banshee silencers [email protected] sides both $10
-headpipe w/out heat shield $18-sold
-radiator cap $1.25
-radiator hoses w/clamps $5-sold
-parking brake lever and cable $15-sold
-parking brake cable brackets and parts $10
-stock handle bars w/tag grips $10
-handle bar clamps $2-sold
-stock front bumper $10-sold
-stock lower rear fender brackets $20
-bunch of bolts $let me know what you need and I will get pictures for you.
-stock yfz450 rear brake reservoiur guard $5
-stock rear brake rotor $15-sold
-YFZ450 stock blue fenders $100
-YFZ450 stock thumb throttle cover $5
-YFZ450 stock front brake master cylinder cover $5
-YFZ450 stock starter $25
-YFZ450 stock battery bracket $12.25-sold
-YFZ450 stock front sprocket guard $5
-YFZ450 stock case saver $1
-YFZ450 stock clutch perch w/lever $8
-YFZ450 stock clutch cable $8
-YFZ450 stock throttle cable $8
-2 6x9 Roadmasters car speakers $15-sold

I can't seem to post all the pictures because this site won't let me. I am posting my pictures from photobucket using the image code and it won't let me post the pictures, so just let me know what you're interested in or what you want and I'll send you the pictures of what you want for now. I will have to do this for now until i can get the pictures all posted.

I also have some car parts for a beretta z26 I am trying to sell as well. I got a whole 3100 (3.1 Liter) motor I am parting out. I got the motor all torn apart and I'm trying to sell all the good parts out of it. let me know if you need any parts from this type of motor. I also am trying to sell some truck parts for a silverado. I got some parts for a chevy silverado I am trying to sell as well. so let me know if you're interested and I'll list the parts I have. I'll list the car and truck parts later.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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