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Didn't spend alot of time searching to see if this has been posted yet or not, but the Yoshimura PIM and FIMAK are ready (at least on the website) from Yoshimura R&D:

Pipes and Fuel Injection Adjuster

Yoshimura R&D Of America, Inc. announced today the release of five new products for the new Kawasaki KFX450® R sport quad – Three New Exhaust Systems, a Yoshimura EMS Peripheral Interface Module (PIM) Fuel Injection Unit and FIMAK (Fuel Injection Map Adjuster Kit).

Here's the full deal:


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I know they have tested the PIM for the KFX, but i dont think they have the PIM for the KFX instock and ready to ship yet. Yoshi does have their full systems in stock. I also have a Yoshi full sytem for sale at a VERY discounted price.

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